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Retrofitting to InductionEach retrofit job should be evaluated and customized to give the proper and best induction lighting solution for each fixture. There will be times when the correct solution may be an entire new induction fixture. All fixtures can create light (lumen) loss even from their initial manufacture. This one in the visual is a good example as you see a reflector was needed in the retrofit process to enhance the directed light. Also, the IP rating of the fixture with relation to the application should be considered as well as voltage, fixture dimensions and clearances. Please call for spec. sheet information or a consult/visit by us to help determine the best solution. Also, review the specifications in the product section.

Retrofits are truly becoming the "rage" in the existing lighting world such as; gas stations, "c" stores, parking lots, cities and towns with the cobra street lighting, car dealerships, banks, restaurants, retail, industrial and many others. Anywhere there is mid to high reach lighting needed, induction can be your proven low maintenance, high efficiency answer. Call us or email us to help determine how your business can cut lighting energy and maintenance costs. We can also explain how to use Section 179 of the stimulus bill to help pay for approximately 35% of the final installed price (the first year) and to apply for up to a 15% rebate from your local power company. This totals nearly 50% as an incentive to upgrade to high efficiency low maintenance lighting but is a current incentive and will not last forever. (Please see cost savings section for examples and the before and after gas station visual)

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160w Induction in lieu of 360 M/H


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