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Early in this effort of offering induction lighting to various Southeast markets it became clear that basically no one knew of or about induction at all, including electricians and lighting salesmen. If you talked about energy efficiency or a replacement bulb for metal halide or high pressure sodium, the only thing discussed would be LED. At the mention of induction there was only the look of puzzlement.

So, much effort has been made to introduce and educate you on induction lighting here. It is one of the oldest, most refined and reliable energy efficient lighting sources available for area lighting.

Induction is nearly half the price of high power LEDs', with nearly twice the service life of LED, needing virtually no maintenance, producing a white crisp light, using 50-60% less energy of high pressure sodium or metal halide along with many other great benefits.

This could benefit your company as well. Hopefully, you will get as excited about induction lighting as we have.

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160w Induction in lieu of 360 M/H


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