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  • Up to a 100,000 Bulb Life for External Inducted Lamps (see lifespan chart)
  • Up to a 60,000 Bulb Life for Internal Inducted Lamps
  • A Five Year Warranty*
  • Instant On and Instant Re-Strike
  • White/Daytime Light of 90+ CRI
  • .92 Power Factor
  • 80 to 92 Lumens Per Watt
  • 100% Flicker Free
  • Wide Operating Temperatures of -40F to + 122F Degrees
  • Wide Range of Color Temperatures of 3500K to 6500K
  • Lumen Maintenance of 80% at 90% of Rated Life Span (see lumen chart)
  • High S/P Ratio of 2.0  (see ratio chart page)
  • Low Mercury Content of  5 to 6.5mg (see chart) In a Solid Form (Amalgam)
  • 98% Efficient with only 2% Ballast Overhead Loss
Buck Davis
Buck Davis Owner
Founder. CEO. COO. The man who knows all about LED and Induction Lighting.


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